Welcome to One Day at a Time with me, Lily Grace.  I am pleased that you stumbled upon my little corner of the interweb. One Day at a Time is about celebrating this journey of life during highs and lows, bringing others into the journey and encouraging them in their own. Welcome to the adventure!


I am a California girl, born & raised in a small town. I believe that I was created by my Creator to serve a purpose, though I struggle to know that purpose sometimes. This blog is where I hope to share some of that journey with each of you! Thanks for joining in on the adventure!

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A few of the other things I love include:


-- Coffee and Water  
-- Fall and Spring

-- Reading or listening to a good book

-- Makeup (too much sometimes... oops)

-- Planner decorating 

-- Traveling (I'm stuck to California right now, dialysis makes traveling hard)

-- Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and Louis Armstrong and Christian Music.  There is more but I'd end up with a novel.

-- Antique store window shopping

-- making new friends 


Thanks for stopping by! Grab yourself a glass of sweet tea, sit and stay a while. :)


And... be sure to say Hello!

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