Happy New Year!

Wow, it is 2018 already! When did this happen? It is true what they say, the older you get the faster time seems to flash before our eyes. Oh, but I am grateful for a new year. A year that hopefully brings many blessing and more opportunities as well as new opportunities. The year 2017 is left behind with some heartaches, many times of laughter, love, and joy. I don't know about you but 2017 for me was quite entertaining, watching the meltdown of the mainstream media and the scary truth of the Hollywood (dark secrets) lifestyle which apparently wasn't very secret. I certainly am happy I don't run in those horrific circles.

However, I am definitely ready for this new year. With the beginning of this new year comes the beginning of something new for me, which has brought us here. What is my intention with this blog? I am not too certain. I have dabbled my hand in the blogging sphere but never consistently dedicated time to it. So here I am, in a new beginning and starting from zero. I guess it is fitting to introduce myself. I'm not sure if I should or if it is necessarily needed but here I go.

It's a little awkward to think of ways that I can introduce myself to you. I'm sitting here with my fingers on my keyboard with my mind struggling to find a beginning to my introduction and I am thinking, "Is anyone even going to read this?", "Will anyone actually be engaged in what I'm writing, and how can I keep them engaged in what they are reading?" Ah, the pressure of keeping people interested in your content. I think I will just type from the heart and hope you like it. Well, let me give it a go and just tell you who I am already. I'll stop my nonsensical rambling and just get to it.

My name is Lily, I am 30 years old but definitely, a child at heart and I am married to an amazing man who puts up with me. I was born and raised in California, in a small farming town that goes by the name of Huron. Yup California has a Huron too and we, however, do not have a lake.

I am a believer, I believe Jesus came, died and rose three days later. I have always been a believer but it wasn't until 2010 that I truly tried to get to know Him and have a relationship with him. Since then I have struggled but I always make my way back to him. Nothing bad, just simply losing focus and getting lazy. I may as well tell you now that I Lily am a procrastinator. I'd like to believe that I am super organized and great at time management but the reality is the opposite. Don't get me wrong, I can be super organized and manage my time wisely but... I don't know what happens. I always seem to lose sight of those things called organization and time management. Don't judge (or do) I am working on it and hopefully, I get much better at it. HELP!!!

One thing you'll notice is that I love my family. I like most people have a Mother and a Father, two brothers and one sister. My oldest brother is a father of three lovely girls, my second oldest brother is a father to my oldest niece and only nephew and last but not least my sister has one daughter. Yup, I have five nieces and one nephew. Whoa... that's a lot of girls but I love them with all my heart.

I sit here reading what I just wrote and realizing that I have left something out that is quite important but I'm not sure I should share yet. I'm struggling in deciding whether or not I should include my illness in this first post of mine. Well, what the heck, this is about me after all right? Since 2010 I have been suffering from ESRD (end-stage renal disease) short for kidney failure. I have been on dialysis since and I am praying I get a kidney transplant this year.

Phew... don't know why I was nervous to share that. It actually felt good.

Happy New Year once again. I hope this year brings many blessing to you and your families. I look forward to cultivating my little spot on the internet and hopefully making some new friends along the way.

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