When it comes to motivation I have a hard time making it last. I get motivated so easily and just as easy, I lose it. I am trying something that I used to do in high school and college. I made a motivation board for the last few month of the year. This is not your typical paper poster motion board. It's a wallaper i have set as my backround picture to constantly reming me to stay motivated and focused. I plan on printing it and placing it in an area of my home where I will frequently see it. The board will remind me to stay on track and keep trying to make it happen. I sometimes think I'm too busy but the reality is I suck at time management, and I'm lazy. However, it is never too late for self-improvement. RIght?

  1. Home decor and home nesting. I'd like to make my house nice and cozy. When we have guests, I want them to feel at home.

  2. Journaling! I have so many notebooks with the intention of journaling or merely jotting down random thoughts, but I have yet to do so. I actually want make use of them.

  3. Blog more. Write more. It goes along with journaling as well. I also need to work on a book I began to write and scared myself from continuing. I still believe in the story and should continue developing it.

  4. Daily Bible study regardless of the craziness of life or a busy schedule. I'm terrible at time management when it comes to studying and reading my Bible. I need to do better and I will do better.

  5. I find it hard to keep in touch with family and friends. I do my best, but sometimes my laziness gets in the way. I want to be more intentional and present. I need to make it a habit in these next months, so next year I can continue with it.

  6. I don't know about you, but I enjoy adult coloring books. The past two weekends I dedicated some time to coloring and remembered how relaxing and fun it is for me. I definitely want to make this a long lasting habit.

  7. I have a few books I have started reading and listening to on Audible that I would like to finish. I need to set some time for completing these.

  8. I love photography and I need to get back to capturing moments. I sometimes feel as though I misplaced my creativity, and I'm struggling to find it. I hope in my journey of searching for my creativity that I find it and improve on it.

What are somethings you do to help you stay motivated or focused?

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