Happy Humpday and Happy Halloween!

Do you like Halloween? For the most part I like it, I like the cute aspect of it where children dress up in cute costumes. I, however, do not like how some people use this holiday as an opportunity to be slutty, and I don't like the demonic side either. My favorite is handing out candy and seeing the kids so happy and dressed up in their cute costumes.

I miss being a kid, dressing up and going trick or treating. When I was 12, I had the brilliant idea of dressing up as a skeleton. I bought a skeleton mask and gloves, and I wore my second older brothers black trench coat. I didn't think it was a scary costume, but apparently, it was. I unintentionally scared so many kids and their parents. I felt so bad about scaring the kids but scaring the dads was pretty funny. I wish I had pictures. I will look through my Mom's collection and see if I find one.

I never cared too much about the candy, I've always liked walking around and seeing the house decorations, and the costumes. There is one Halloween that I did not particularly like. I was nine-years-old, my sister had just gotten married. She and her husband decided to take me trick or treating. They even bought me a costume; it was Jasmine from Aladdin. I was excited until the actual night when I was freezing because the costume was not warm whatsoever. I remember that after a couple of blocks I was done. I will never forget haha...

Those are a couple of my memories from my previous Halloween's. I wish I had pictures. This year I will be giving out some candy to the kiddos; Hopefully, we get a good number of kids so they can finish the candy I purchased. Last year I had too much candy left over.

How about you? What are memorable Halloween moments for you?

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