HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. I was so ready to leave 2018 behind and begin a new year. I feel full of hope and opportunity. With a new year comes new opportunities to accomplish what may not have been achieved in the previous year. Today a new chapter is upon us. I pray we allow God to write our stories, and lead us down his path with a focus on him, always. 2019 is the year to Make it Happen. I hope to change some habits and create new habits that will help me be more productive and a better steward of my time.

2018 wasn't so bad, but the first 4 months were very dark. I was in a place I never thought I would be in; however, God was always with me and faithfully reaching out to me. It saddens me to look back and see when God was reaching for me when he was speaking to me, but I was so far gone that I would ignore him and eventually I couldn't hear him. Thankfully he woke me and brought me out of that darkness. A darkness that I do not want to return to, and will not. The last 8 months of 2018 were filled with growth and mending of relationships not only with Christ but family. I am so thankful for his faithfulness, his grace, mercy, and his love.


In 2019 I plan on cultivating what matters with the Cultivate What Matters PowerSheets. I have a few study materials as well to strengthen my relationship with God and to be able to share him better with people.

Materials for Success

  • Bible in ESV

  • The Daily Bible- In Chronological Order 365 Daily Readings in NIV

  • Cultivate What Matter PowerSheets

  • 100 Days of Grace & Gratitude Devotional Journal

  • Jesus Calling Devotional

  • Erin Condren Planner

  • Prayer Journal

  • Make it Happen Journal

  • Journal

In January, I will try to discover what will work for me. I plan on starting and ending my day with God's word. In the morning I will reach for my 100 Days of Grace & Gratitude devotional and then dig into my Bible reading. Before bed, I will reach for my Jesus Calling devotional and The Daily Bible to end the night. I also want to fit in some journaling about what I've read and about my day, I like to look back at old journals and reminisce. The PowerSheets have helped me centralize my goals, and I plan on reaching for them often, I feel they will keep me accountable.

2019 I am ready! May this year be a year of transformation and growth in

Christ. I am nervous, but ultimately excited for this year. Romans 12:2 is one of my verses for the year. I don't want to conform to the world. I hope I with the guidance of God can make it happen. Please pray for me.

I pray 2019 is an amazing year for you and your loved ones', filled with joy and blessings. May you accomplish all your goals/resolutions.

What are some things you'll be doing this year?

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