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January 15, 2019


Here we are, halfway in the month of January 2019, how exciting is this, or not? (depending on which stage of life you're in).  We are fifteen days into the year, and so far I am doing ok.  In 2019 I got my Cultivate What Matters PowerSheets, and it has already been a game changer for me, but then again we are only fifteen days into the year, so I don't want to get too ahead of myself.  In 2019 it's all about cultivating what matters and making things happen, more importantly, make my goals happen.  I usually start the year off with a long list of goals and end up not accomplishing any of them, but as of right now I am keeping it simple and staying committed to them.  The PowerSheets are a way to keep my goals centralized and remain accountable.  In December I started praying about Goals and what I need to CULTIVATE in my life.  


January is an important month for me.  I knew that when Jan 1st hit my fresh start to work on my goals and new habits started.  I must admit that fear set in immediately.  For the past four years, I have been a mess, always setting goals and never following through which kept me in a funk.  In late 2018 I made a commitment to God and myself that things would change.  


I'll share my 2019 goals in another post, for today we will focus on January.  Here we go!


Cultivating what matters in January

  • Sleep earlier to wake up earlier

  • Quiet morning time with God- I was so tired of waking up and only having time to get ready and walk out the door.  I want to wake up early get ready, and spend time reading God's word and praying.​

  • God time before bed- I'm reading the Bible in chronological order

  • 31 Days of Writing the Word- 15 days in this has been such a blessing.  I'm so excited to keep doing this.  I have only missed one day and is an achievement for me.

  • Utilize and keep up with planner daily.

  • Come up with a work out regimen

  • Get my one test needed to be activated on the Kidney transplant list.

Most important is cultivating my relationship with God in this month and all year so I can also cultivate other relationships in my life.  Hopefully the outcome will be that I continue on cultivating those things that matter all year long, and for many years to come.


What are some goals you have for January? (even though we are halfway through the month.)

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